The Birthday of a Chocoholic (2014)

October is fast approaching and so, in anticipation of my upcoming birthday, I remembered last year’s birthday party… keywords: chocolate overdose!

I had prepared a savory and a sweet birthday buffet. The savory buffet included Laura Vitale’s Bacon Parmesan Cookies, my mini Roasted Chicken, Feta and Sweet Tomato & Basil Chutney Sandwiches (Chutney bought from JAR in Kato Drys) and other easy and quick snacks.

As for the sweets, let’s just say this party was definitely not for diabetics… Most of the desserts were based on Laura Vitale’s recipes (Visit her website HERE). The only non-chocolate dessert was Chai Tea Muffins, which I prepared in case someone was not a big chocolate fan… nah, just kidding… I baked because they are a personal favorite and I wanted to have some with my breakfast on my morning after.

Chocolate-related desserts included:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Oh, and as a prelude to the party, a few days earlier, on the day of my actual birthday, I had prepared Laura’s S’Mores Cookie Cups! Yum!..


S’Mores Cookie Cups


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